Tangled Photo Shoot

Originally we were hoping on being able to show a sneak peek of When will my life begin.  We’re still looking for a castle.  But in the meantime we took some awesome pictures to let people know we’re still alive.Rapunzel and Flynn Rapunzel

In Summer

Wow. Being the Director and Olaf in this was somewhat difficult, I prefer being behind a camera and seeing what is being shot but when your stranded on sailboat with everyone else in a canoe, it’s best to keep the camera steady.  We were able to get a sailboat from Captain Jim.  Captain Jim is a boss.  While he was on the canoe and with Camrey and Austin they hit a stump, the canoe nearly capsized with the camera and all our phones but to save it Captain Jim jumped out and prevented it from flipping.  Hence, Captain Jim is on the boss list.

Olaf in a Sailboat

Working With Lemons – Who are we?

Who are we? A mighty fine question.  We are a film crew of the sorts a family and a few friends.  We love to sing, dance, act and film so we love making movies! The name Working with Lemons originated from the saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade.  Well when we make movies or videos we take whatever “lemons” are available and roll with it whether it’s making a pop filter out of a hanger and some nylon tights or sliding a rug back with a camera on it to get a dolly shot we wanted.  And it works!  Most of the time.  And we’re just getting started!  Stay tuned for a lot of great videos and music!

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