Working with Lemons Famliy

Here’s who we are:

Jean and Ernest: The Parents

Jean has six children: Robbie, Camrey, Porter, Ari, Anson and Mia (they are brothers and sisters)

Ernest has three children: Taylor, Jordan and Nathan (brother and sisters)

Put them together – you get the Working with Lemons family

THEN you add our friends:
Austin Berenyi
Austin Wilson
Josh Jorgensen
Andrea Nelson
Karson Woodmansee
Melea Johnson
Tom Schleiffarth
Skyler Sorenson
Sam Hudgins
Zeb Jackson
and many more!!!

2 thoughts on “Working with Lemons Family Explained

  1. I love watching and waiting for new videos. You guys are so amazing. I will never forget the excitement from my daughter when Bishoo Kemp had the frozen movie and treats in his backyard and your daughter came dressed up and sang for us. Truly have so much respect and love for your family. Wish I could have gotten to know you more while I lived in the Ward.
    Tasha. Vann

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