Pokémon Trivia Challenge

Pokémon Trivia Challenge

Pokémon Trivia Challenge | LemonReds Episode 37 | Can You Name Them All? #pokemon

On this week’s LemonReds, Mia challenges Anson to a battle of Pokemon wits. How much does Anson really know about Pokémonand all the legends that go with it?

Do you know more than Anson? Leave a Pokemon Trivia question below and we’ll see if he can answer it.

Check out our Pokémon Paradise Ball Episode we did with Pins and Things to learn how to make your own Pokémon Paradise Ball.

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Pikachu gets a job

Pikachu in Real Life – The Temp Job

Ever wonder what Pikachu’s day is like. Pikachu get’s tired of dealing with everyone trying to catch him with Pokemon Go. He decides to  take a temp job and finds it gets very frustrating trying to work in the corporate world. Will he make it through the day or quit before his shift is over?

A Day in the Life of Pikachu: the Temp Job. Pikachu in REAL LIFE being a celebrity Pokemon Go star is hard work. Especially when you don’t have fingers or thumbs. Will this Pokemon get revenge?