Video Game in Real Life

Mia & Anson in REAL Life Video Game – ROXs | like Super Mario and Luigi

Anson and Mia stop playing electronic video games suddenly and become like Super Mario and Luigi in real life. No more nintendo, minecraft or wii-u. It’s time to play Crazy Chicken with ROXs in the real world!

Who will win?

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“’s like playing Super Mario in the backyard..”

Crazy Chicken game:
Once game starts, you have to catch as many chickens as you can, as fast as you can!

One of the ROXs will start blinking with red light and playing a sound of a crazy chicken, you need to go and tap it with your hand, once you tap the ROXs, you need to run to the middle of the play area, and then move to the next activated ROXs until time is up. Be as fast as you can!

So you are basically running like crazy between those ROXs, trying to catch as many chicken as you can, as fast as you can.

The controller counts your time and score so you can try to beat your friends or your own high score. Just like in a video game.

So stop sitting and playing video games – go outside and be in one!

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