Rey: a Star Wars Origin Story

Rey: a Star Wars Origin Story

Before there was ever a Last Jedi did you ever wondered how Rey became stuck on Jakku? What’s Rey’s origin story? How strong is the force in her? Who are her parents and what was she like as a child? These are all question many of us fans of Star Wars have about Rey. You’ll have a chance to get a glimpse into who Rey’s parents are and why Rey’s parents left her.

Plus – You’ll be introduced to new characters as well. A group of space pirates, led by a ruthless leader, Rykker in search of relics from the old empire. They will stop at nothing to get what they are looking for – no matter who stands in their way.

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a lovely night

A Lovely Night – La La Land with Kids

A lovely night sung and performed by two 11 year olds, Mia Bagley and Cooper Johnson.. A Lovely Night is a song and dance number from the motion picture, La La Land. Originally played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Watch the movie:

In the scene of “A Lovely Night”, Sebastian and Mia talk a walk together, while thinking they don’t like each other, but realize they are just right for one another.

La La Land won 6 Academy Awards including Best Director for writer/director Damien Chazelle. “A Lovely Night” was written by Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek, Justin Noble Paul

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Full Lyrics
The sun is nearly gone
The lights are turning on
A silver shine that stretches to the sea

We’ve stumbled on a view
That’s tailor-made for two
What a shame those two are you and me

Some other girl and guy
Would love this swirling sky
But there’s only you and I
And we’ve got no shot

This could never be
You’re not the type for me


And there’s not a spark in sight
What a waste of a lovely night

You say there’s nothing here?
Well, let’s make something clear
I think I’ll be the one to make that call

But you’ll call?

And though you looked so cute
In your polyester suit

It’s wool

You’re right, I’d never fall for you at all

And maybe this appeals
To someone not in heels
Or to any girl who feels
There’s some chance for romance
But, I’m frankly feeling nothing

Is that so?

Or it could be less than nothing

Good to know
So you agree?

That’s right

What a waste of a lovely night


ARMS - Nintendo Switch

ARMS – Nintendo Switch

Anson and Mia take the Nintendo Switch game, ARMS, to a higher level when they become – Spring-man and Ribbon Girl. Anson also got a mouth-full surprise! Who is the best Arms champion?

ARMS is a mix of boxing and shooting where you use extendable arms to battle your friends both locally and online! Take a Joy-Con in each hand and punch forward, twisting your fists to bend your attacks.

FINGER LIFT CHALLENGE – seems impossible – LemonReds Episode 50

This seems IMPOSSIBLE but it’s not!! If you don’t believe us, try it out yourselves and DO THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS! No magic or voodoo involved with finger lift challenge. We can’t believe how we can pick someone up using our finger. Who came up with this challenge? Let us know if you’ve tried it!

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Light as a Feather stiff as a board or the Finger Lift Challenge explained:
Here’s what’s really going on: good timing, weight distribution and fallible memory.

Timing: In the first attempt to lift your subject, everyone is lifting their fingers at different times, so you’re all trying to lift your subject’s entire weight by yourself at each moment. In the second attempt, because of the timed chanting and ritual, you all lift at the exact same time.

Weight distribution: When you and your friends all lift as one, you’re lifting only about 20 to 40 pounds apiece. Think about when you’re trying to carry super-heavy plastic grocery bags and don’t want to make a second trip from the car. Your fingers are pretty strong! Take four or five people doing this at the exact same moment, and it’s not that hard to lift someone with your fingers, especially if the subject is holding her body “stiff as a board.”

Fallible memory: So many of us did this as children, our memories start to play tricks on us. The levitation gets higher, the subject feels lighter and the whole ordeal feels spookier.

So, yes, technically, “light as a feather, stiff as a board” can work. But it has nothing to do with ghosts, witchcraft or the occult. However, it’s a great trick and slumber party tradition for everyone.

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Utah Jello Challenge – DON’T BARF – LemonReds episode 49

Guess who barfs, vomits, pukes or throws up first! Anson, Mia and brother Nathan take on the will it Jello challenge! In Utah, Jell-O is considered an essential dinner item. Some people even call it Jell-O salad when they add carrots or vegetables – so we decided to make up some other ingredients to add!

Get your own Jell-O:

Have you ever had weird or strange Jello? Let us know below (we might even try this again with your suggestions!)

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GROSS Shrimp Ice Cream CHALLENGE | LemonReds Episode 40 | Ice Cream Taste Test #icecreamchallenge

You won’t believe what they are eating! GROSS CHALLENEGE – Anson and Mia bring in an ice cream expert, Jeremy, to sample some very strange giant ice cream flavors to taste test. Which flavor will you try? Let us know below which flavors you tried.

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Pokémon Trivia Challenge

Pokémon Trivia Challenge

Pokémon Trivia Challenge | LemonReds Episode 37 | Can You Name Them All? #pokemon

On this week’s LemonReds, Mia challenges Anson to a battle of Pokemon wits. How much does Anson really know about Pokémonand all the legends that go with it?

Do you know more than Anson? Leave a Pokemon Trivia question below and we’ll see if he can answer it.

Check out our Pokémon Paradise Ball Episode we did with Pins and Things to learn how to make your own Pokémon Paradise Ball.

#pokemon #challenge #pokemonchallenge #Pokémon


Can you guess the Disney song

Can you guess the Disney song

Can you guess the Disney song? | LemonReds Episode 34 | Disney Smoothie Challenge #disneychallenge

On this episode of LemonReds, Anson and Mia take a Disney Smoothie Challenge! They try to guess the correct Disney Song before the other person. If they get it wrong, they get a mystery ingredient added to their smoothie! Anson starts to cry when he has to drink his smoothie – it’s pretty funny. Combines a bit of Disney Trivia with a bit of singing Disney songs.

Can you guess the Disney movie before Anson and Mia?

#disney #disneychallenge #smoothiechallenge

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High School Musical vs Hercules | Lip Sync Battle LemonReds

Lip Sync Battle

High School Musical vs Hercules | Lip Sync Battle LemonReds | #lipsyncbattle #highschoolmusical

Anson and Mia have a Lip Sync Battle of High School Musical vs Disney’s Hercules. They even duet the “For the first time in forever”.
Who wins? You decided with your comments below!

We personally think they both did better than Cassadee Pope

Did Anson make a good Elsa? Mia is a natural Anna from Frozen.

#lipsyncbattle #highschoolmusical

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Moana Toys Stolen from the set by Working with LeMANs! | LemonReds Toy Review Hijacked

Moana Toys Stolen from the set by Working with LeMANs! | LemonReds Toy Review Hijacked

Robbie and Father Lemon sneak into the LemonReds studio and steal the Moana Toys from Anson and Mia! Robbie and Father Lemon create their own hijacked LemonReds episode reviewing Disney Toys that were sent to Anson and Mia from Disney. These guys are crazy and funny. The toys were sent to them for free to review. Is Moana’s necklace and infinity stone?!

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