FINGER LIFT CHALLENGE – seems impossible – LemonReds Episode 50

This seems IMPOSSIBLE but it’s not!! If you don’t believe us, try it out yourselves and DO THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS! No magic or voodoo involved with finger lift challenge. We can’t believe how we can pick someone up using our finger. Who came up with this challenge? Let us know if you’ve tried it!

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Light as a Feather stiff as a board or the Finger Lift Challenge explained:
Here’s what’s really going on: good timing, weight distribution and fallible memory.

Timing: In the first attempt to lift your subject, everyone is lifting their fingers at different times, so you’re all trying to lift your subject’s entire weight by yourself at each moment. In the second attempt, because of the timed chanting and ritual, you all lift at the exact same time.

Weight distribution: When you and your friends all lift as one, you’re lifting only about 20 to 40 pounds apiece. Think about when you’re trying to carry super-heavy plastic grocery bags and don’t want to make a second trip from the car. Your fingers are pretty strong! Take four or five people doing this at the exact same moment, and it’s not that hard to lift someone with your fingers, especially if the subject is holding her body “stiff as a board.”

Fallible memory: So many of us did this as children, our memories start to play tricks on us. The levitation gets higher, the subject feels lighter and the whole ordeal feels spookier.

So, yes, technically, “light as a feather, stiff as a board” can work. But it has nothing to do with ghosts, witchcraft or the occult. However, it’s a great trick and slumber party tradition for everyone.

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