Pumpkin Pie Carving Challenge | KIDS vs DAD

Pumpkin Pie Carving Challenge

Pumpkin Pie Carving Challenge | KIDS vs DAD | LemonReds Episode 22 | Pie in the face

You won’t believe who wins this battle in this Pumpkin Pie Carving Challenge – It’s the kids vs dad on this episode of LemonReds.
Anson and Mia take on FatherLemon in creating the best carving out of a pumpkin pie. Vote for who you think did the best in the comments below.


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Anson and Mia talk about the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer that came out as well. We are excited about our secret video collab with EvanTubeHD, Bratayley and Flippin’ Katie.

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Candy Corn Challenge FAILS | Boy VS Girl Challenge | LemonReds Episode 21

Candy Corn Challenge | LemonReds Epsiode 21

Anson and Mia take on the Candy Corn Challenge. What’s the worst Halloween candy? Anson, Mia and their brother, Robbie, take plunge in trying out different kinds of Candy Corn in this week’s Mystery Box. They try to make a Pinterest treat – watch their fail!

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What do you think is in the next mystery box?
What would you like to see in the Mystery Box?


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