Utah Jello Challenge – DON’T BARF – LemonReds episode 49

Guess who barfs, vomits, pukes or throws up first! Anson, Mia and brother Nathan take on the will it Jello challenge! In Utah, Jell-O is considered an essential dinner item. Some people even call it Jell-O salad when they add carrots or vegetables – so we decided to make up some other ingredients to add!

Get your own Jell-O: http://amzn.to/2qha1KN

Have you ever had weird or strange Jello? Let us know below (we might even try this again with your suggestions!)

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Candy Corn Challenge FAILS | Boy VS Girl Challenge | LemonReds Episode 21

Candy Corn Challenge | LemonReds Epsiode 21

Anson and Mia take on the Candy Corn Challenge. What’s the worst Halloween candy? Anson, Mia and their brother, Robbie, take plunge in trying out different kinds of Candy Corn in this week’s Mystery Box. They try to make a Pinterest treat – watch their fail!

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What do you think is in the next mystery box?
What would you like to see in the Mystery Box?


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