Gingerbread House FIRE

šŸ”„Gingerbread House FIREšŸ”„ | LemonReds Episode 30 | Ginger bread house Challenge

Anson and Mia challenge each other in building ginger bread houses and watch what happens. Who’s house can withstand a natural disaster?
Don’t try this at home! We had professional supervision.



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Ultimate Candy Cane Challenge

Ultimate Candy Cane Challenge | Get the candy on the tree – no hands | LemonReds Episode 29

Anson and Mia bring in their sister, Jordan to compete in the Ultimate Candy Cane Challenge. Grab as many candy canes as you can without using your hands. Try and hang them on the tree. Who wins? Who cries? Who eats the most?

Try this! Then let us know your best score.

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