Thanks for a great 2015

We don’t up keep this blog / website as much as we should and as a resolution for 2016, we’ll stay on top of this. We’ll make announcements here as well as on our social media channels.

Here is our list of what we did this year:
Bloopers of Bloopers – When Will my Life Begin

We celebrated our 1st birthday

Finally finished Frozen Let it Go – In Real Life. Thanks to you for making it #5 of the top 10 most watched YouTube videos in the UK!!!!!

Robbie decided to play Elsa
Parody Let it Go – Not In Real Life

We made our first YouTube Convention appearance in Provo, UTah at CVXLive.

We made a couple of LemonReds short interviews with Anson and Mia. Where we answered questions in the comments section for the first hour we put the videos up.

Camrey (Elsa) got married – so that was a busy time.

Ari was in a movie, “Once I was a Beehive” and we made a family music video of the song, “Together” featured in the movie.

Then came our first original music video, “Find a Way.” Elsa and Jack Frost meet for the first time.

We got to hang out at JC Penny and play with some fun Star Wars merchandise.

Halloween came upon us quickly and so did the Salem Witches.

Taylor (our bunny and animal wrangler) got Married.

Hasbro and Disney sent us a new Merida doll to unbox. So Merida in real life makes a guest appearance!

So as you can see we’ve kept pretty busy this year – all thanks to you LemonHeads! We couldn’t do any of these projects without your support.

Thank you thank you for a wonderful 2015. We can’t wait to show you what we have in-store for 2016! Make sure to follow us on:
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
for instant updates with silly pictures and videos. Did you also know that we try to answer all messages and comments on these channels?

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